Breakfast at Tea Time

I found a new love! ❤❤❤

My physiotherapist just told me I lost weight and I thought so too! A week on nothing much except carrot, cucumber and cabbage I guess paid off.

So right after my rehab session I thought of rewarding myself with a big mug of karak from Tea Time, the famous snack kiosk along Bin Omran Street in Doha. You might ask what Karak is. It is spiced black tea simmered with milk. Commonly enjoyed by many in the Middle East, karak is originally Indian and very much similar to Masala Chai which is laced with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. If I make one at home, I would even add in a small piece of star anise and a few whole black peppercorns for added kick. My version used to be the best in my books but soon after, I realized it doesn’t taste quite as good as the one from Tea Time.

So right after being discharged from the clinic, I made the short drive to my newfound roadside hangout. As always, its storefront is packed with cars, waiters busily catering to customers aboard their cars. I patiently waited in que and based on a friend’s recommendation, ordered an egg sandwich and chicken popcorn along with the tea. “Small, medium or large?” Asked the waiter referring to the popcorn, and I said small. I’m trying to lose weight, a small portion of fried chicken pieces should be just right🙄.

I was getting impatient and thought of leaving…spring season in Doha is not exactly cool and breezy at 10 am, it is sweltering hot! But I relented though…good things come to those who wait😇.

It took 15 minutes for my order to arrive and it cost a total of 14 riyals. The chicken nuggets was a curious sight, served in paper cup with a few pieces of french fries peeking through, altogether smothered (I mean smothered!)in orange sauce. Well I thought that small serving will be enough to keep me glued to the treadmill for another 30 minutes but what the heck! The egg sandwich was modest and the tea as usual, was hot and just perfect.

The sandwich was light despite the egg being fried; the bread warm and lightly toasted, just the way I like it! I could easily chow down two or three of this in one sitting but I digressed. I’m supposed to be losing weight afterall.

The popcorn on the other hand was a revelation! It was crisp, juicy and tender at the same time. That orange sauce turned out to be a mixture of ketchup and mayo. This tangy and flavorful concoction was so rich it made me worry about my cholesterol level. But curiously I couldn’t get enough of it up to the last morsel! I think though that they should serve the sauce separately as a dip or at least don’t drench the whole thing on that sauce. Though quite indulgent, the chicken popcorn is too good to pass up and if anything else, it will make up for all those depressingly bland meals I have to endure for the rest of the week.

As usual, my double order of Karak did not disappoint. Its smooth richness is always satisfying enough to make me come back for more.

Taken from earlier visits to another branch. I just thought I’d give you an idea of how the yummy karak looks like.

So that was my unexpectedly delightful roadside breakfast from my favorite tea store. It is great to know one can still have a satisfying yet super affordable meal around Doha. I have not seen their menu yet but I was told they have quite an assortment of equally affordable and delicious snacks so I plan to make this trip often. Oh wait, did I mention that they have a few branches scattered around Doha already? If you happen to have one in your area give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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