Going Gaga Over Koreanovela

Don’t ask me where I get the time to watch telenovelas given my work schedule and house chores…a girl’s gotta do what she ‘s gotta do!

Life has been stressful lately and I find watching online telenovels is a good way to unwind. If you are an OFW with some time to spare after a day’s work and you want to entertain yourself without spending a dime, give this a try. But I warn you this could easily turn into a hobby or even a bad vice so proceed with caution.

I am currently watching my favorites from a site called NewAsianTV (http://m.newasiantv.me). It has got a wide variety of not just Koreanovelas but also movies and drama from other Asian countries including our very own Philippines. My friend who is also an avid viewer, swear by KissAsian (http://kissasian.ch) which has a similar format.

I bet there are more websites out there but for now I can only swear by what I have tried and tested. As long as you have good internet connection which is easy and quite cheap when you are abroad, you can always have your daily dose of Asian drama to curb homesickness and boredom.




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